Some not-so-good news, ladies – Louis Vuitton’s Multicolored Monogram Bags will no longer be available in stores this year. This iconic design was the brainchild of the collaboration between Takashi Murakami, a prolific contemporary Japanese artist, and the French luxury design house (which was then spearheaded by Marc Jacobs). It was a huge success – and a clear favorite of high-status celebrities who wanted to get into the huge following (big names like Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker all had this bag). It was a rebirth of the iconic LV monogram, and a clear combination between commercialism and high art forms.

Since the fashion house is now under the wing of Nicholas Ghesquiere, his vision is hell-bent on returning the glory of classic prints, and that includes re-establishing one of the major foundations in fashion which is the original monogram (and other basic prints). Although this is exciting (and really throwback-worthy), we cannot help but feel a bit off because we are about to lose one of the most loved designs in fashion history. It may have been just a phase, but it was madness.

What do you think about this new artistic direction that LV is taking? Do you think they should bring the Multicolored Monogram back to life?


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