You may still be able to find stock at your local boutique or department store

When I was rooting through Céline’s brand new, e-commerce-ready website earlier this week to suss out all its details and features, I noticed something that surprised me: there weren’t any of the company’s Trapeze Bags, a longtime Céline favorite, listed anywhere in the handbags section. Not even under the “more” category, which houses the styles that aren’t among the handful Céline is hoping to capitalize on the most at the moment. Suspicious.

I had noticed in recent seasons that Trapeze representation in the brand’s handbag lookbooks was starting to dwindle, so the bag’s disappearance didn’t seem coincidental. I went looking for more information, and I found it in exactly the place this kind of news tends to originate: our own PurseForum, in the Céline section. Several of our members had been told by sales associates at Céline boutiques that the stores will not be buying new stock of the bag, and the brand is slowing phasing them out, with some colorways available at a 20% discount in the brand’s stores.

It is a lot of cash to spend on a tote and you need ton’t buy the bag till you may inform yourself: “I do not care if this tote is trendy for the next 10 decades, I have the disposable income and also will buy it, appreciate it, and use it for the next decade”.Also individuals tend to be bothered by the fact that this tote is ubiquitous. I totally understand why that might disturb some people. At the end of the day, we all want to be unique. However, for me personally, it has always been about whether I like the bag rather than what everybody else is doing. Once I really like a bag, I will love it regardless if everybody hates it or everybody loves it. I believe if you’re a handbag lover, then this bag is great to have in your collection not only for its unique design but also because it is really an extremely functional bag.While many people were traveling, cooking or enjoying family time, LVMH dropped some bombshell news: Phoebe Philo is departing Céline, where she’s been creative director for nearly a decade. The movement had been rumored for months, if not years, but not it’s finally official. According to Vogue, her final Céline collection will be Pre-Fall 2018, which will be introduced to press in Paris in January.It’s hard to overstate how important Philo’s tenure at Céline was to the accessories world in the last decade; she is presided over an impressive number of strikes at the brand, including both attention-getting It Bags such as the Luggage Tote and the recently stopped Trapeze Bag, in addition to more subtle, workaday options such as the bestselling Trio Bag and Cabas Tote.

In historical handbag terms, the Trapeze is the Silverado to the Luggage Tote’s Chloé Paddington (all of which, it’s worth mentioning, were conceived under designer Phoebe Philo): although it was never the brand’s biggest success story during its heyday, it’s enjoyed massive, sustained popularity for years in its own right. It also, along with the Luggage Tote, helped popularize the flared gussets that still abound in the world of accessories design. Trapeze owners sometimes complained that the bag’s large size and top-flap structure made it slouch too much when carried by its top handle, but overall, I’ve always thought it to be a sleek, beautiful design that largely deserved its ardent following.

Are you sad to see the Trapeze go, or do you think its time has come?