The most striking bags in the collection are frame-top choices that industrialize out much of the overt primness of the shape. They are still formal and neat, but the finishes make them feel futuristic instead of retro, which is an actual challenge with frame totes. Perhaps Louis Vuitton can be lots of things.For purists, the collection includes a few of the favorites of Nicolas Ghesquiere’s tenure, like the Twist and Twist Malle bags, as well as some that feel more classically Vuitton, down to the monogram details. And as with all of Vuitton’s runway collections, this represents only a very small fraction of the bags which are going to be produced for the summer season, and it’s only the very forward-thiinking; there will surely be plenty of more traditionally Vuitton luggage to go around. Check out all the runway bags beneath. Without really realizing it, there are probably some aesthetic clues and details that read to you as especially Louis Vuitton. Beyond the apparent logos and prints, or maybe it is a particular type of closure or stitching, or the specific way a manage attachment or zipper is shaped, or maybe how the leather is completed. They are hard to describe one by one, but collectively, they are what make you have a look at a new bag and suspect it is from 1 spot or another, absent a clear logo. For Fall 2018, Louis Vuitton’s runway bags have dispensed with almost all those visual signifiers, and in their place you’ll discover inventive leather finishes and intriguing hardware.

Remember the Monogram Chain Prints we’ve talked about for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection? Well, it’s even prettier than we thought.

The Monogram Canvas is the brand’s iconic print and now you can have it ‘Enlarged’ and adorned with ‘Chains’. And to put the cherries on the top, these bags are also available in ‘drop-dead-gorgeous’ pink (no kidding).

The iconic Louis Vuitton Alma Bag will be joining the party – beautified with Pink Epi Leather, which gives a shiny and luxurious effect. Then embossed with the Monogram Chain Prints and refined with studs on the bottom edges. It’s an art of work.

These days, I mainly use the GM for travel or if I am making a rush to our house, and will need to bring all of the contents of my handbag, as well as other things like a laptop, schedule, laptops, publications, my camera and any additional miscellaneous items that I seem to always need! If you’re a mom, the GM size could be incredibly convenient, as it fits load of things and is still very fashionable But for me this tote is something that I carry regularly, but not every day. I use this a couple of times per week, I just don’t use it as my regular handbag.I radically simplifies the degree to which the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM handbag would change my life (insert my husband rolling his eyes). I’m writing this post is because this handbag entered my radar about a year ago and I delayed purchasing it because I could not determine which print to proceed with and that I (wrongfully) thought I didn’t need another Louis Vuitton handbag. I don’t need you to make the exact same mistake. The drawback? The Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM version is $980, but that’s much, much less than the majority of Louis Vuitton handbags.

The Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag is also embellished with this print, as well as on the Twist Bag. Which shoulder bag do you love more? The Petite Malle Bag inspired by the LV classic luggage or the lady-like shoulder bag with a 3D LV logo effect?


Here are the little details:

Louis Vuitton Small/Mini Alma Bag in Monogram Chain Print: around €1650 euro

Generally speaking, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a iconic, luxury bag. In all honesty, I feel that any woman who’s a lover of luxury goods, and purses should own at least one dimensions, of this bag. I really do believe that each bag serves a different buy, but I don’t own the PM size, therefore I can’t speak for this. Between the MM and the GM sizes, I’ve found that they each greatly serve various purposes, which you can read about below. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is a classic tote style handbag. Introduced in 2007 from Louis Vuitton, the Neverfull features a canvas outside and textile lined interior. Each Neverfull, now includes a detachable clutch which can be attached to the inside of the bag and used for additional storage, or remove and utilized on its owns as a pochette! This is among my personal favorite features of the tote. You essentially have two bags in one, which are wonderful in their own, or work great together. The tote, and detachable clutch, every feature gold plated hardware, that matches well with every canvas option. After having the GM and the MM size, when I think about the GM I genuinely think “Never-Full.” This tote is literally never-full, it holds loads, and loads, of items. It’s difficult to explain how much will fit in the bag, just because it retains so much better. I love this bag and after taking it quite a bit recently, after using a long-term break out of it, I realized exactly how large it is. After possessing the MM size, I really don’tt see this bag as something I’d carry as a purse on the daily any more.

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag in Monogram Chain Print: around €3900 euro

Louis Vuitton Small/Mini Twist Bag in Monogram Chain Print: around €1250 euro

Louis Vuitton Small Clutch in Monogram Chain Print: around €1680 euro

Pictures courtesy of: parisluxeonline