It was several months ago when I decided to treat myself to a Chloe Drew Bag. To be precise, I decided I wanted it the day after it released. I immediately fell in love with the minimalistic yet whimsical appearance and the dainty details that this purse features. The Chloe Drew Bag was born to be an elegant version of Chloe’s family, which sort of lacked an iconic bag with a more evening look. Although the Chloe Drew bag comes in several sizes, I feel it gives its best in small and very small versions, because of the round shape that look a little odd in my opinion when it’s too large.

The Chloe Drew nano is really tiny, and I am not sure I could even fit my iPhone 6s Plus in it. It is, though, an adorable evening purse, and if you don’t mind going out with just a handful of chewing gum and the car keys, you’ll probably love it. For my needs, I immediately ruled it out of the list. The Chloe Drew in mini size is cute, but again it’s very small and, although you might be able to fit an iPhone 6s Plus in it, I’m not sure you can stuff much more inside. However, it looks adorable when worn with lightweight clothes, drapey dresses, and everything-else summery.

The Chloe Drew in small version, which is the one you see in these pictures, is probably the best size for the Chloe Drew bag. It is the equivalent of the red color for Ferrari cars: they might come in a variety of shades, but if you have to pick a model to represent Ferrari, that would be red. The small size fits actually a decent amount of stuff. I can fit my giant phone, my giant sunglasses with their insanely large case, my wallet, the keys, and a few small items such as lip balm and doggy poop bags (you never know when your pup decides to drop one).

Onto the details: the leather feels superb to the touch: the grain has a lovely feeling and it makes the leather much more durable and virtually immune to scratches. I have read complains from girls regarding the little cylinder scratching the leather and leaving marks, but honestly I don’t feel this is happening with my bag (which is in black pebbled leather).The inside is pretty spacious,but you only get one tiny pocket to store small things (it fits just the lip balm and the poopy bags). However, being a relatively small purse, I don’t struggle finding things inside, as I see everything in a glance. The inside is raw leather that has been smoothed out to feel almost like suede, but it is in fact unlined.

The closure mechanism is the true gem of the Replica Chloe Drew Bag. I’ve never seen one this unique and dainty. Of course it’s a pain to use, but who cares when you have the chance to stare at such beauty even in line at the grocery store? The little cylinder is obviously tricky to fit in the tiny hole – you need small fingers and ability with your hands, but you’ll get used to it, I promise. Personally, I never lock it by turning it horizontally because I noticed the cylinder tends to slide off immediately. That is a flaw Chloe might want to look into for future improvements. That being said, I like the closure both ways: with the cylinder placed vertically, and when it dangles freely. In this last case you don’t have to worry about the bag opening accidentally because the metal plates that close it are magnetic and stay in place easily.

Another complaint I’ve heard regards the chain, which causes shoulder pain when the bag is too stuffed. I personally haven’t experienced this problem – though the chain does leave marks when it presses against bare skin – but as I said I purchased the small model and I have the feeling that this might be an issue more with larger sizes that allow fitting more and heavier things inside.The retail price in the US for the small model is $1990. I won’t say whether I feel the Drew bag is worth the price, because I feel that for luxury items it’s truly a matter of how much you like the object rather than getting a good product for your penny. If you like it so much that you’re willing to spend that money on it, then it is worth it.