It’s been a while since the original Louis Vuitton bags Cruise 2016 collection was shown. When the genuine louis vuitton bags hit the online store, we updated you on the entire Louis Vuitton Cruise collection. One of the most notable prints from the collection is the Aqua Print in Epi Leather that was seen on the runway and has been added to an assortment of Louis Vuitton items.


The print is designed to appear as if you’re looking down into a pool, seeing the crystal blue water with the light of the sun catching it. The play of light on water translates to a bold print atop Epi leather which matches the California vibe of the entire collection. Living in South Florida now, this print would be perfect for casual days and steamy nights in Miami Beach. But this print isn’t for everyone. From the classic Alma to the Petit Malle to small leather goods, check out the Louis Vuitton bags online Aqua Epi Print collection from Cruise 2016.