When it comes to the Chanel Cruise 2017 show in Cuba, up-close shots of the collection’s bags and accessories weren’t readily available.The Rainbow Chanel Boy Bag really stood out,which a good assortment of bags and the scene of the show. But the collection included plenty of other bags that paid homage to the aesthetic culture of Cuba as well.


Along with others that will be released as part of the Chanel Cuba Cruise 2017 collection ,today, we have a closer look at some of the bags that I shared in the first post .The good news is if you’re looking for something from a Cruise 2017 collection that isn’t bright or pastel, this collection has something for you. Khaki plays a big part in the offerings, with casual backpacks and classic shoulder bags both being finished in khaki fabric. There is also a heavy focus on sequins, which dresses up the casual khaki and is used in a way I wouldn’t have expected to like so much. And even if you are, there are some beautiful multicolor woven bags that I’m certain are masterpieces if you see them in store.


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