The luxury Italian fashion house, Fendi, always offers outstanding fashion shows. The catwalks are full of beautiful bags and best of all the company delights in showing off its newest designs and accessories. Their fashion shows celebrate their unique style and put the new designs right out front on display much to the delight of critics and loyal customers. Whether hate or love them the shows certainly invoke discussions and therefore media coverage.

One of the most talked about bags of the recent show was the “Fendi Rainbow Bag”. To be completely honest the bag in its simplest form is really not that unique, simply a square, flap bag. Yet Fendi somehow manage to take this, most simplest form of bag and “Fendi it up” in only a way that they can. Add the signature house closing studs in various colour combinations and a chain strap and all of a sudden that simple flap bag has become one of the hottest bags and “must haves” for the Spring 2017 season.

The interior offers two equal sized compartments and is fully lined with suede. There are no further pockets, but the compartments are of a size that will be useful and all essentials will fit easily. With regards to how to carry it, the choice is yours, hold it, wear it across your body, or double up the chain and wear on your shoulder.

It’s a bag that will stand the test of time too, so can be viewed as an investment rather than a seasonal purchase and with prices for the basic leather version at $1700 that has to be a good point, knowing this bag will still look fashionable in 2, 5 or 10 years makes this a great purchase.

Check out some more photos of the bag and its interior below, plus the three colors. It looks gorgeous!

The only drawback is certainly the price. At US$ 1700, it is prohibitive to most Americans, including myself. The reason why I plan to order one from my favorite replica website, where I will get it for the fraction of the price.

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