LL Loves: Replica Chanel’s Cruise 2017 collection handbags

Remember Chanel’s history making cruise show in Cuba? The collection gave us an assortment of colors, textures and prints inspired by Havana. And while we loved the clothes, we were left waiting for a better look at the accessories. Fortunately, Megs from Purseblog rounded up a series of images of Chanel’s cruise collection replica handbags and we can honestly say we’re loving these replica bags. The replica bags are high on texture with interesting woven fabrics, sequins, macrame and even fringe making an appearance. They definitely capture the freshness of the collection. Have a look at some of our favorites below:

We love this khaki take on Chanel’s classic quilted purse. From the colourful fabric woven through the chain strap to the eclectic brooches, this purse is a not-too-serious take on a Chanel classic.
It hardly looks like a replica bag at all, but this wood and metal object is very much a minaudiere from the Cruise collection. We love the vintage vibe of this clutch, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a pretty sundress or a diaphanous skirt.
Not only does this purse have an interesting shape, but also some eye catching contrasts. Made from strips of wood and colourful tweed, this replica bag is the easiest way to lend some tropical charm to a formal outfit.
The collection offers another cool take on tweed with this drawstring replica bag. The gold details add some refinement to the playful purse.
This summer, don’t leave home without this adorable macrame purse complete with the double C lock. It might be a touch to casual for evening, but it’s perfect for a breezy brunch date.
The collection delivers sequins in spades. This replica bag offers a tropical take on the American flag with palm trees replacing the usual stars.
This woven hobo replica bag is so unexpected from a brand like Chanel that we can’t help but love it. With that easy slouchy shape and the woven pastel colors, this is the replica bag you’ll want to take to the beach all summer long.

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Chanel’s Cruise 2016/17 collection will be available in boutiques from November.

All these unique and amazing collections are going to be a perfect accomplice for your pretty outfit, be that of any kind. Finding any of these inside your budget is not going to be a problem as Frugaa offers latest promo codes on all sort of clothing and accessories from top brands. Just use their codes and save a great deal on your purchase.


The drool worthy Chanel replica bags from their fall ’14 show

Last week, we told you all there was to (excitedly) tell about Chanel’s radical ‘supermarket’ show. There is this one other thing we can’t stop gushing about though. And no, it’s not the CC pasta or the Jambon Cambon. It is le lait de coco. What’s that? Your very own bottle of coconut milk cum stylish new Chanel tote!

Image 1
A lot of street chic has waltzed straight into Chanel’s purse coterie for fall. Seen everywhere from models’ shoulders to shopping hampers, the glitzy tangle of danglers is parading in everything from the quilted patent leather on wheels version to the one in mink Burling, bursting with a pop of bright colors and the mythical No. 5 Chanel logo.


Image 2
What we especially love though is this bubble gum pink purse in calfskin akin to plastic replica bags, a true homage to the supermarket theme of the show! But for the fashionable yet less experimental, there is the uber sexy yet sturdy clutch doing dark glamor.

Image 3
While there may have been tweeds galore, it’s plastic fantastic for the win, given the purse’s industrial appeal amongst a sea of elegant-s that makes it stand out the most. Not to mention the immense functionality courtesy it’s solid exterior that makes it a worthy investment for any street-smart fashionista worth her weight in crossed C logos.

Image 4


Adorable twins dressed as Chanel replica bags for Halloween and more

Okay, this is definitely one to elicit an “Aww!” response. 4-year-old fraternal twins Bella and Chloe possess an Instagram account run by their mother and if you happen to be an avid follower, you will habitually come across adorable photos of the Los Angeles based-duo. Let me tell you – their Burberry bathing suits, moto jackets and adorable Chanel purse costumes speak highly of their ultra-glam fashion sense.

Halloween kids 2
“Chloe is my fun, colorful little lady,” Lucy Abir (the twin’s mother) told The Huffington Post. “Bright colors tend to catch her attention, while Bella, on the other hand, is my sophisticated one that loves jackets, coats and scarfs in traditional classic colors like black, white, red and grey!”
Halloween kids 3
We are totally in love with photos of the twins, and we suggest you get a quick glimpse.
Halloween kids 4

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Halloween kids 5

Halloween kids 6


Top Quality Cheap Fake Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Satchel Bag For Sale In US

Girls always think when she has a bag similar to others, then bag will lose its meaning. This way of thinking there is some truth in it, but in fact a stand bag baptism, its rich history and creation stories of people who have the same crazy attraction. As Chanel classic black clams hell package from New York to Tokyo, regardless of any corner of the world, it is always the most coveted women’s fashion accessories. Louis Vuitton Speedy bag classic old flower after 70 years, but it is still very popular. Of course, Replica Givenchy Antigona bag is one of the classic!


First introduced in 2016, replica Givenchy Antigona bag was still young, but the series package shall, color always make people feel fresh, full of hit color design trends mean, profile stiffness of the bag body, in sex and practical. Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Satchel Bag Oxblood but many women can fall in love with it at first sight, which proves that it is not all things, the same is a classic! Antigona package and whether it is casual with, or with the dress collocation, can bring out the carriers of temperament, very wild.

Inspired by the Greek myth of the heroine Antigone, Antigona itself would represent an indomitable spirit, which follows the classic handbag Boston bag style and be highly practical rectangular Bag with angular details of the deal, full of Riccardo Tisci for rigid collision contrast love. This limited edition Antigona use of precious crocodile leather, natural leather texture and unique distinctive scales showing it as unique as advanced customization, every inch of leather are luxurious and elegant. Crocodile leather surface of the building through a special process makes the leather softer, making the process of doing so after hundreds of carefully polished to obtain its natural lustrous, well-cut and hand-sewn and then screened molding, the final decolorization and color spray process.


Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Antigona love is not less than Miranda Kerr, a street photos of this package is also frequent, she was also a variety of colors to buy all times. Whether dark or light jacket ride; high heels or flats, socialite Olivia Palermo will also carry on her Replica Givenchy Handbags tote, convenience of fashionable and high prices, so that a single product, who would not love it?

Prada Saffiano Cuir Leather Tote Blue replica handbag review

There was a red handbag that was immediately given full attention by me. Than a red handbag is a blue inside with a red contrast with a contrast, for example. I think the color combination of this bazaar is what convinces me to buy replica Prada Saffiano Cuir blue leather handbag. The combination of its blue Saffiano leather outside the striking red lining makes me believe that this purse is a must. This is where my recent shopping story begins. I knew I had to have it, so I did what I had been doing. I ordered my Prada Saffiano Cuir leather handbag at Pursevalley Blue from my friend.

The bag was delivered last week and since then I have worn it almost daily. I love it and I just can’t gen enough of it. Would you? I mean, just look at it. The design is so much sophisticated and modern than the classic Prada Saffiano Double Tote Blue with zippers on top. I love its personality, beautifully exposed by its curves and bold red interior. It is the ideal handbag for chic days in the city or crazy cocktail nights with best friends.

Naturally, instead of spending a few thousand dollars on the real I chose to get a replica of a Prada Saffiano Cuir blue leather handbag for hundreds of dollars. This allows me to enjoy the feeling of luxury, the real style of the product, while testing if this model matches my wardrobe and personality. Perhaps one day when I will be rich maybe I will also get the real deal: now I am super satisfied with this even cottage. Although it looks good, but the quality can be guaranteed, I am sure no one can distinguish.


Now, enough with my excitement regarding this bag. Let’s see what are the technical and quality aspects that make it such a great choice. At the exterior you have a modern and elegant city bag measuring 4″ x 7″ x 11″, crafted from a stunning blue Saffiano leather- a trademark for Prada bags- with stylish red trim. The sides of the purse and turned inwards and are held together by a magnetic snap-button closure. This accentuates the unique shape of the Prada Saffiano Cuir Leather Tote. On the front of the product, at the top, there is the iconic and easy recognizable polished brass Prada Milano insignia leather tab. Also, hung on one of the handle there is a detachable leather name tag which accentuates its authenticity. For extra comfort and functionality, the purse comes with two ultra slim rounded leather handles that fit perfectly on your arm.


At the interior of this Prada Saffiano Cuir Leather Tote replica bag there is a beautiful red leather lining and a detachable coin purse that is super helpful for keeping your change at an easy reach. The purse also comes with a slim hook-buckle and with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap made from the same blue Saffiano leather. The hardware is made from polished brass and it looks super chic.

This purse is all you may want from a city handbag. It is comfortable, spacious, functional and elegant under the premise of modernity. This accessory is all your style and more needs. My advice to you is to dare to fashion and make your own Prada Saffiano Cuir leather handbag to maximize your investment in the price of replica bags. Believe me, this season needs this gorgeous handbag!

Balenciaga Replica Bags: Fall 2016 Colors

The latest Fall 2016 colors for Balenciaga replica bags/shoes are here. Like I previously mentioned, RED is the color of Fall 2016. So it’s not surprising to see a lot of RED in their latest ad. Check out the new colors: Pomegranate (red), Pebble (grayish beige), and Chestnut (brown) in the replica bags, shoes, and other small accessories below. Click on the photo to get directed to their site.

New Balenciaga Replica Bags for Fall 2016

Balenciaga is really taunting me! But you know what, Balenciaga, my replica bag will have to wait. There will be a time for that coveted replica bag hopefully next year? Anyhow, I’m here to share with you the latest Balenciaga replica bags for this coming season, Fall 2016. And I’m telling you, there’s a lot to look forward to umm, actually, they are already out! Sigh. But if you have loads of moolah, go ahead! I highly recommend getting one now!

New Rose Gold Hardware for the Giant City

We know the Giant City has the silver and gold hardware. But this time, they’ve released a Rose Gold hardware specifically for their Giant City style. What do you think? It looks like the color of the Balenciaga City’s hardware right? I’m 50/50 on this one. I’m thinking this rose gold color is great because it leaves me no worries of the hardware turning darker because it’s already dark. But on the other hand, I will always be a fan of gold hardware. Hehe. And I still prefer the look of gold as compared to the rose gold. But, if I can afford 3 Balenciaga replica bags, I will definitely get this one for my third replica bag. Hehe.

New Balenciaga Replica Bag: the Velo & New Color: Seigle

I am actually loving this new Balenciaga replica bag. In fact, if I already have a Giant City replica bag in gold hardware and can still afford another Balenciaga, I would seriously consider the Velo as my second Balenciaga replica bag. The shape is square-ish with dimensions: 13.4″ x 6.7″ x 11″. For comparison, the dimensions of the Giant City is 15” x 5.5” x 9.4” by the way. This is a great everyday replica bag indeed. And of course, this replica bag is also available in “Seigle” the latest color for Fall 2016. The color Seigle is also available in other Balenciaga replica bags like City, Giant City, Work, Giant Work, etc. What’s even better? It is cheaper than the Balenciaga Giant City replica bag but same price as the Balenciaga City replica bag. I would definitely want to get one in this exact color! I heart it!

New Balenciaga Replica Bag Color: Bois De Rose

Another color recently released by Balenciaga for Fall 2016 is the “Bois de Rose”. What do you think? Seriously, when I’m getting such a replica bag that looks fierce and rugged, I would consider getting a darker color. This is too light for me and I’m just too scared to stain it. Light-colored replica bags are so hard to maintain that I had to let go of my Louis Vuitton Hampstead replica bag in Azur color. I just can’t use it everyday. But if money was not an object, I’m sure I won’t care about the light color. Hehe. By the way, this color is available in most styles of Balenciaga replica bags.

New Balenciaga Color: Blue Royal

Wow, I think I love this new color too – the “Blue Royal”. It seems so royal and regal, right? Hehe. Kidding aside, this is such a nice replica bag to tote right now. And I mean this summer! I won’t wait for fall to get this color. You want to know why? Because it is so ideal for your summer stripes and polka dots! But actually, that’s why they are releasing it this Fall – because it will be the perfect color of replica bag to tote with your Resort/Cruise collection! I want! Again, this is available in most Balenciaga replica bag models.

New Prices

Actually, I haven’t just been able to post it here in my blog – sorry, my bad – but Balenciaga prices have increased a couple of months ago. Most of the replica bags have increased about a hundred US Dollars. Now this is the only part of this post I hate. Hehe. Take for example, the Giant City used to be $1,695. But now, it’s already $1,795. Heck when I was supposed to get a Balenciaga in 2015, it was way cheaper than $1,695 – if I’m not mistaken around $1,300 to $1,400. Oh goodness, look at the price difference in just 2 years! Oh dear. How much more will it increase when I’m able to buy? Ugh. Any sponsors?

The Best Affordable High-End Replica Prada Tote Reviewed

This Replica Prada Tote bag is quite heavy but the quality is amazing. The smooth and even stitching throughout the bag gives it a cutting edge from the rest of the replica bags. The price of this best fake Prada tote is affordable but I cannot guarantee you that you will have a smooth walk in the park as the attention that it attracts. You know the kind of fights you get into with your man when you see an awesome bag and you were in a middle of a talk? Yeah I can’t tell you that won’t happen when you see this bag.


The quality of the Replica Prada Tote bag sale is fantastic and that is probably why you may find the bag a lil’ heavy. There is only one noticeable downside with this bag and that is the hardware is kind of too shiny. But that is not something you cannot fix because the shininess will fade as you rock it. The outward appearance of the bag there is no much to say about it because of its simplicity.


One of the things that we consider most when we shop for the best replica Prada bags is convenience. This is one of the qualities that you will love with all replica Prada tote bags. They are spacious and you have compartments to place your staff according to your convenience. The interior is smooth with the stitches made to perfection. You know those moments that you want to get your phone from the bag but there are some lose threads that is also playing tie me if you can with your fingers? That is a myth when you own the best replica Prada tote. The space is just enough for you maneuver around the bad and get anything you want without a hustle.


Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and class.The best high-end replica Prada bags add that statement to your fashion sense through the hardware on their bags. The replica Prada tote bag give some amazing offers on the best in their collections.

Reviewing The Proenza Schouler Hava Whipstitched Bag

When it comes to home and decor, the modern trend is one of my favorite disguises and we continue to see how trend hunters invite contemporary tendencies onto architectural decor and designs. Now more than ever, we see the overly structured, sleek hardware enforced and exciting handbags rise to popularity.I admire how the cutting edge trend has made it to the world of Couture these past few seasons. The handbags that were once known as exclusive runway pieces can now be additions to your personal accessories collection.


Smooth white leather is instantly upgraded to reflect a modern vibe through the feature of bold whipstitched trim. The complimenting squared chain shoulder straps are interwoven with rich leather that allows a flexible and comfortable carrying experience. This refreshing take on a classic night/outing shoulder bag would instantly upgrade a t-shirt & jeans look, as it would compliment your favorite little black dress.


Proenza Schouler is ahead of the trend game; take a look at one of the Couture houses latest debuts, the Hava Whipstitched Leather Chain Shoulder Handbag. With its attractive whimsical and playful patterns, this Hava Bag is clearly not for the minimalist.

Introducing The Valentino Embroidered Guitar Handbag Strap

My first thought was that I couldn’t believe that House of Valentino had branched into designing musical instrument gear, such a cool move, but wasn’t sure how that venture came about.Take note of this super cool find by couture brand Valentino. Lo and Behold, I was stoked to find out that what I initially thought was a guitar strap, was actually a super hip handbag strap Valentino Winning!


Brass tone lobster clasps are found at each end of the strap, which easily grasp on to the handbag of your choice allowing for a longer shoulder or across the body wear. This beautiful piece features golden threading throughout a rich chocolate leather flat strap; the color contrast itself already eye catching.Graze deep upon the colorful embroidery and you can appreciate a detail of beautiful floral and nature designs.