If Birkins are so expensive and so hard to get, then why do so many women–and men–carry them? Perhaps they aren’t all that particular if everyone has them?In my quest to discover all sorts of information about the Birkin, I talked to some purse blogger, a socialite and a style insider about the fantasy, and will I dare mention it, the decrease of the Birkin. Additionally, I visited Milan Station at Central, Hong Kong, another hand luxury bag shop that now almost exclusively deals in brand new Birkins and Kellys. (See their store windows in the corresponding photographs).Picking out a hibiscus coloured Birkin, I had been advised that it was brand new, straight from the box, and never been used. I asked where their Birkins come from and also a sales partner reacted, “Our customers buy Birkins in Hermes Bag 50000 Replica shops and market them to us. We have more stock of Birkin bags compared to the Hermes shop,” she explained. They market the Birkins for 50-100 percent over the retail price in the Hermes shop and they wouldn’t bargain down because they said there will be individuals who will purchase them at asking price. Milan Station and others like it, eliminate the waiting lists for an added price, making Birkins available for those who have the money to spare. And many people in Hong Kong do.Masako Kumakura, a worldwide communications pro who recently transferred to China, considers that the Birkin has come to be a bit démodé especially among the stylish set. “Too many men and women who are not really that trendy have it. Plus they take it anywhere. In Asia, I have seen girls carry their big Birkins to dinner parties. So not chic,” she explained.

Do you need a travel bag to style-up your outfit? Who can be your better companion than the Hermes Wallago Cabine Bag. This bag is practical, easy-to-carry and fashionable in all angles. It’s Hermes but it doesn’t scream Hermes at all. And there is just one mystery that we need to solve. Why is this bag called the Wallago?

Dictionary: Wallago is a catfhish that can be found in the rivers of Southern Asia.


The Design


The Wallago Cabine Bag is specifically made to help you transport your personal belongings from A to B. It’s spacious, stylish and durable. It’s also designed with a clever flap pocket on the front. The sides are flexible and expandable in case you need to carry a lot of things.


This is a very elegant bag and the exterior only is made with multiple pockets. Besides the front pocket, the back also features an extra zip pocket, which is hidden behind a leather patch – this will make sure that your most beloved essentials will be concealed and secured.

The bag also comes with a chic luggage tag hanging on the handles. And talking about handles, they’re purposely made extra-long for hand carry or elbow carry.

What’s more? It’s made from Togo Calfskin, which feels luxurious and impeccable at the same time.

The Interior

There are two sizes of this handbag available. One is easier to carry due to its size, but there is also a bigger size available in case the medium is not big enough. The Wallago Cabine Bags are purposely made for travelling, so the interior is spacious enough for all your daily essentials and more. And besides, this handbag is a bit slouchy and the side-wings can be expanded to carry a lot more stuff.

The Sizes And Prices

Hermes Wallago Cabine 35 Bag
Size: 35 x 34 x 21 (L x H x D) cm
Prices: €5300 euro, £4870 GBP

Hermes Wallago Cabine 53 Bag
Size: 53 x 23 x 25 (L x H x D) cm
Prices: €6500 euro, £5970 GBP

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