It was first-presented at the Spring Summer 2017 runway as the promising handbag. The name? Hermes Cinhetic Bag. This line consists more than only the shoulder bag because we’ve already revealed the Cinhetic Clutch and the Cinhetic Clutch With Strap. And we belief there will be more in the future, so expect the wallets and other mini accessories to follow.

The Design


The Cinhetic Box Bag is like a beautiful cosmetic box. It’s squared and boxy as it comes with a nice curved handle. You can also use the jewel-like chain for cross body or shoulder carry. The architectural style feels minimalistic and urban-like, but also very elegant.

But what makes the Cinhetic collection special is the new center H clasp. Obviously the clasp represents the house, but the right part of the logo is shorter than the left part, which is quite interesting. Also, the logo clasp is crafted in mixed silver and gold hardware, creating an eye-catching object.

If Birkins are so expensive and so hard to get, why do so many women–and men–take them? Maybe they are not all that particular if everybody has them?In my search to discover all kinds of information regarding the Birkin, I talked to a purse blogger, a socialite and a fashion insider about the fantasy, and shall I dare say it, the decrease of the Birkin. Additionally, I visited Milan Station in Central, Hong Kong, a second hand luxury bag store that currently virtually exclusively deals in brand-new Birkins and Kellys. (See their shop windows in the corresponding photographs).Picking out a hibiscus colored Birkin, I was told that it was brand new, directly from the box, and never been used. I asked where their Birkins come from and a sales partner responded, “Our clients buy Birkins in Hermes Bags Selfridges Replica stores and sell them to us. We have more inventory of Birkin bags than the Hermes store,” she said. They market the Birkins to get 50-100% over the retail cost at the Hermes shop and they wouldn’t bargain down since they said there will be individuals who will buy them in asking price. Milan Station and others like it, eliminate all the waiting lists to get an added price, making Birkins readily available for people who have the money to spare. And lots of people in Hong Kong do.Masako Kumakura, a worldwide communications pro who recently transferred to China, believes that the Birkin has become somewhat démodé especially among the fashionable set. “Too many men and women who are not really that fashionable have it. Plus they take it everywhere. In Asia, I have observed girls carry their enormous Birkins to dinner celebrations. Not chic,” she said. “Since nearly everybody has a Birkin bag, an increasing number of women are opting for totes produced from exotic skins today, not automatically Birkins,” shared socialite and Singapore PR maven Olga Iserlis.

This handbag is available in different colors as well as in exotic leathers. So what do you think? Gorgeous or not?

The Interior

In order to get into the inside, you will need to turn the H logo clasp. The interior is quite spacious as the interior is comparable to a medium-sized shoulder bag.

The Prices And Sizes

Currently we do know the exact measurement and the prices. More info will follow soon.

More Images And Colors








Pictures courtesy of: Vogue

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