Bag Review – Replica Givenchy Antigona Medium In Blue Leather

If you’ve been following my instafeeds, you’ll probably know by now that I’ve just emptied my bag fund account on a new Givenchy bag. I ordered a medium Antigona in bright blue leather (click here to purchase) and as always I am over the moon with my new bag! The Antigona isn’t really a new bag but for some reason, it just never rubbed on to me and I cant for the love of god remember why. Anyways so as I was browsing net-a-porter, looking for a new bag to invest it, I came across this model in blue and I was sold. Instantly. I usually invest in classic models when it comes to big bags. I don’t mind seasonal clutches, but for the bigger bags, I prefer a model that will be repeated season after season. The reason being is that when I pay a reasonably decent amount for a bag, I want something I can use for the next year or two. If the model is discontinued after the season is over, it feels out of date. Take the Celine mini shopper for example, I bought mine in 2010 and it’s still one of the most sought after bags nearly four years later. I’m a happy camper.

I adore big bags, so the size of the Antigona is just perfect for me. It can actually be used as a weekend bag since it’s so roomy. The width is 13 1/2 inches and the height is about 11 inches. I tried dumping a whole lot of stuff inside it (11 inch laptop, diary, wallet plus some other random stuff) and no problem in closing the bag. Although since it’s not a laptop bag, I suggest you steer clear of putting your laptop in it! However, if you’re going away for an overnight stay, you can easily throw in a change of clothes and some light toiletries. It’s also the perfect bag if you’re travelling. I just flew to Bombay and replaced my Celine trapeze with the Antigona to hold my airport essentials and felt it was a better choice. You know there’s no open the flap then the zipper drama that comes in with my trapeze bag.

The bag is structured so it doesn’t slouch in the least bit. Also, it has a shoulder strap which saves you the hassle of holding it in the nook of your arm with the top handles because the bag is a bit on the heavier side. I’m in this winged bag phase currently so the two small wings on this one give me some sort of cheap thrill. Inside, there’s a zipped pocket and two other pockets to keep your things in place. Overall, even though its a classic, the shape is very modern, slick and a little edgy. Over the years, its become quite an IT bag and has been spotted on numerous celebrities. Just type the name in Google images and you’ll see for yourself.

Now, for the cons, I don’t like the shoulder strap length on this one. Its very weird. Once slung on the shoulder, it reaches my waist which gets a bit awkward due to the size of the bag (see picture below). I wish the shoulder strap was a bit longer. Secondly, the shoulder strap doesn’t have that extra rectangular thing on top to keep the bag in place, so it keeps slipping. Also, the top handles are so close together it can be a little uncomfortable if you’re in a hurry to open the zipper. Finally, if the bag isn’t filled up, it has a bit of a dent so I have to tap the bag from the top so it gets back to its original shape or just fill it up with random stuff! But despite a few cons, I still love my new baby and have been using it non-stop since I got it. I was contemplating between the Victoria Beckham Quincy bag (which was cheaper) and this one which was a tough decision, but there’s always another time and another bag! The Antigonas are one of the most coveted handbags so I suggest you order yours soon because they tend to sell out fast. The black one is currently sold out on net-a-porter.

Top Quality Cheap Fake Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Satchel Bag For Sale In US

Girls always think when she has a bag similar to others, then bag will lose its meaning. This way of thinking there is some truth in it, but in fact a stand bag baptism, its rich history and creation stories of people who have the same crazy attraction. As Chanel classic black clams hell package from New York to Tokyo, regardless of any corner of the world, it is always the most coveted women’s fashion accessories. Louis Vuitton Speedy bag classic old flower after 70 years, but it is still very popular. Of course, Replica Givenchy Antigona bag is one of the classic!


First introduced in 2016, replica Givenchy Antigona bag was still young, but the series package shall, color always make people feel fresh, full of hit color design trends mean, profile stiffness of the bag body, in sex and practical. Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Satchel Bag Oxblood but many women can fall in love with it at first sight, which proves that it is not all things, the same is a classic! Antigona package and whether it is casual with, or with the dress collocation, can bring out the carriers of temperament, very wild.

Inspired by the Greek myth of the heroine Antigone, Antigona itself would represent an indomitable spirit, which follows the classic handbag Boston bag style and be highly practical rectangular Bag with angular details of the deal, full of Riccardo Tisci for rigid collision contrast love. This limited edition Antigona use of precious crocodile leather, natural leather texture and unique distinctive scales showing it as unique as advanced customization, every inch of leather are luxurious and elegant. Crocodile leather surface of the building through a special process makes the leather softer, making the process of doing so after hundreds of carefully polished to obtain its natural lustrous, well-cut and hand-sewn and then screened molding, the final decolorization and color spray process.


Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Antigona love is not less than Miranda Kerr, a street photos of this package is also frequent, she was also a variety of colors to buy all times. Whether dark or light jacket ride; high heels or flats, socialite Olivia Palermo will also carry on her Replica Givenchy Handbags tote, convenience of fashionable and high prices, so that a single product, who would not love it?

Presenting The Classic Givenchy Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection

Introducing the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Online Collection. The brand’s newest bag, the Horizon Tote Bag is introduced this season.


Stamped and debossed Givenchy logo are also presented in this season’s handbags. The colors this season are mostly in black, oxblood and beige, while the Antigona bags comes in new metallic colors. Givenchy’s classic handbags such as the Antigona, Pandora, Shark and Nightingale Bags are seen in embellishments like metal crosses and studs, as well as new Dalmatian print in Goat fur.


Presenting The Awesome Givenchy Fall 2016 Classic Bag Collection Featuring Metal Crosses Nightingale Bag

Givenchy’s Fall 2016 Classic Bag Collection is the talk of the buzz in the fashion industry. Yes, this is one thing to look out for, especially to bag lovers out there. Let’s talk about the Nightingale Bag. This one has been a favorite style staple ever since it’s release in late 2006. Yes, it’s almost a decade old but due to its flare and modernity, it managed to live through its name.


For the Fall 2016 Classic Bag Collection, the Nightingale Bag is seen to be bolder and up-to-date with the added metal crosses adorning it. We are loving this style since you can go from glamour chic to hard punk rakista in less than a second by pairing it with the right clothes and right amount of accessories.

A classic and timeless Givenchy piece, this bag was named after Florence Nightingale. Its versatility due to the two handles and a detachable shoulder strap makes it easier for you to use it either over your shoulder or just wrap it around your hands.


For the Fall 2016 Collection, we are seeing the Lucrezia bag reinvented. It has this happy-go-lucky vibe with the Givenchy Logo stamped leather. It makes us remember those childhood moments of ours in a good way. It was introduced to the public three years back, last Spring 2013 to be exact. The Lucrezia dominated the hands of several celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Miranda Kerr and Amanda Seyfried to name a few. Its well-structured style has appealed not only to Hollywood superstars but also to other bag lovers out there.

Presenting The Awesome Givenchy Fall Winter Ad Campaign

Riccardo Tisci just released the Givenchy Fall Winter Ad Campaign, pictures were taken during a fashion party, located in London hotel in a Victorian-style suites.


With Riccardo’s vision made all Givenchy’s design as bold as a bull, they are authentic, which makes them stand-out from the crowd. What you see are dresses inspired by owl and butterfly patterns. By the way, have you spotted the newest Pandora Pure Bag yet? It’s basically a tote that can be worn cross body.


Despite of everything, let’s roll over the most iconic bag ever made, the Givenchy Pandora Box – a bag that lean over whenever you carry it around your shoulder. The model is holding the ‘small’ version, which is super cute.

Full Review With The Charming And Gorgeous Small Replica Givenchy Antigona

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to treat myself to a designer handbag. I’d been saving up for quite some time and was constantly browsing Selfridges website looking at all the beautiful bags they had on offer. I fell in love with a number of YSL and Chloe bags but for me, the particular Givenchy Antigona was always the one I came back to and the one I thought I’d get the most use out of.


The remarkable Givenchy bag is everything I dreamed of and more – it’s amazing quality, it feels lovely to hold and the size is perfect too. I’ve only used it a couple of times since I bought it but it’s not a bag I’d used every day. When something costs a lot of money, I’d much rather use it for weekends and evenings out rather than every day. Some of you may think that’s a waste but for me, I’d rather cherish it for days/evenings out when I want to feel a bit more glam.


I must admit, on the few occasions Ive used this bag since buying it, I’ve felt very sophisticated. If you asked me a few years ago if I’d be a fan of deisnger handbags I’d probably have said they’re not worth the money but since getting my charming Givenchy, I can totally see the appeal.

Presenting The Most Popular Givenchy Replica Bags

Riccardo Tisci designs for the sensual, modern, and confident woman inhabiting the concrete jungle in her stilettos. The Givenchy woman needs, then, bags to conquer the world with. Tisci has made a hugely profitable name for the house of Givenchy since his installment in 2005. Refracted through the prism of one of Paris’ grand names of couture, the artistic direction is now unrelentingly modern and urbane.


1. Givecnhy Pandora bag
The myth of Pandora’s Box would be more believable if what she had been tempted to open was a box from Givenchy. Though structured unconventionally, this bag retains its functions with a roomy interior and a multitude of carrying options. We love this season’s denim take on the Pandora and its backpack variant — an elevation of a workwear material.

The Antigona’s popularity is the kind that inspires dozens of high street versions of it, some blatant, some slightly less so. The design is enduring because of its functional size and muted aesthetics, and lends itself to a host of styling options. This season’s brogue detailing dials up the monochromatic glamour by introducing classic leather shoe elements into the bag’s design. ives it room to fit everything you need on a journey.


3. Givenchy Shark Tooth
Sharks are a part of the visual story that make up the iconic canon of Tisci’s Givenchy. Printed tees, sweatshirts, and shark’s teeth accessories go hand in hand with the Shark Tooth bag. It features a sharp and incisive silhouette, given an edge of the prevailing punk mood with this season’s stark chain detailing.

4. Givenchy Nightingale
The classic nightingale was reworked in Pre-Fall 2015. In place of the large central cross and logo-ed hardware was a more reductive silhouette, with the sides buckled to form the elusive slouch of a leather bag. We think this piece is at its most beautiful when travelling – the chic, utilitarian shape of this bag.

Presenting The Top Replica Givenchy Backpacks For Men

For decades now, the convenient backpacks have been a trustworthy companion in hitting the streets, and in the most recent years, designers have been amplifying their design capabilities to construct the perfect “it” pack. As a master of fusing luxury with street, Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci never fails to impress in producing top-notch fashion forward backpacks.

Since taking over the menswear line in addition to his womenswear portfolio in 2008, Tisci has claimed full design authority for its menswear collection and, in the accessories line, released four iconic backpacks – the Rider, the Backpack, the Seventeen and the Obsedia – which serve to enhance the distinctive aesthetic and identity of the Givenchy gentleman.


1.Givenchy Backpack
Each season sees these cool pieces in both original and luxuriously reworked versions to embody a subtle strength that is at once both elegant and energetic, yet with their own distinct urban flair. As you might have guessed by its straightforward name, the Backpack is the signature design of Givenchy, with a simple, classic form that leaves ample space for the limelight to be turned onto the brand’s signature visuals, which include prints like the monkey, stars and other graphics.


2.Givenchy Obsedia Backpack
Rest assured, this impressive backpack is utterly practical as an actual sports bag, with its alternative handle straps and a mesh shoe compartment. You can also choose to get with the times and flirt just a little with androgyny by flaunting the trendy Obsedia, wonderfully functional with its extra-supple leather and two spacious external pockets; or opt for the Rider, a couture leather soft backpack that showcases a chic blend of architectural suppleness within an otherwise minimalist structure, accented by silver-finish hardware details to make it the ideal accessory for any modern and fashionable man.

Hundreds Of Bags From Cate Blanchett Demonstrate Sophisticated,Modern And Unexpectd

Like A-list stars go, Cate Blanchett has a tendency to fly underneath the press radar a bit. She has been married for an Australian playwright for pretty much two decades, so there’s little when it comes to salacious gossip about her personal existence to give the Internet’s usual fascination with stars, and unless of course she’s marketing a movie or project, she has a tendency to have a low profile. The paparazzi do catch her in some places, though, and she’s more often than not transporting a wonderful bag if this happens. The majority of Cate’s givenchy bags outlet are spacious and neutral, and she tends to stick to designers whose pieces she also wears on the red carpet, where she is consistently one of the best dressed in all of Hollywood.


Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch

Cate attends tons of red carpet events, but she generally hands off her clutch to an assistant before posing for event photos. Unfortunately for us, that means most of her evening bags are relegated to candid shots, which are much more rare.

Bally Leather Satchel

In her personal time, Cate seems to gravitate toward big, discreet leather satchels, and this one certainly fits the bill.

Chanel Flap Bag

This look (and this bag) are a little out of character for Cate, but there’s a good reason for that: she was on the set of Blue Jasmine.

Givenchy Antigona Shopper Tote

Cate has had a long relationship with Givenchy; she often wears some of the brand’s most avant-garde gowns on the red carpet, and she was also one of the first celebrities to receive a bag in Givenchy’s new logo fabric.

Roger Vivier Prismick Bag

It’s always surprised me that we don’t see the Prismick on more celebrities; it’s beautiful, comes in plenty of different styles and isn’t as over-exposed as many celeb favorites.

Viktor & Rolf Bombette Bag

In some ways, the Bombette is the perfect bag for Cate: neutral, big, angular, left-of-center.