Reviewing The Lovely And Limited Luxury Mini Diorever

I fell hard for the adorable tiny mini one, which can be dressed up for an evening/cocktail look, or dressed down with the crossbody strap for a more casual vibe. I personally prefer wearing it with the flap open but if you want a more polished and elegant look, you could always use it with the flap closed.


For such a small bag, I was rather surprised about how much it could hold! If you’re wondering roomy it is, I managed to fit a small wallet, an iPhone 6, 2 packs of tissues, keys, a card holder, a granola bar, and some candies in it! Surprised yet? She may be small but she sure isn’t lacking in substance!


It’s also my very first mini bag!! Yep, I’m the sort who has to carry everything with me including the kitchen sink and friends as well as my mum would always say my bags are too weighty because of it. On the contrary, unlike my friends, I don’t carry a makeup bag with me around, but somehow, my bag is still chock full to the brim. But I loved this mini bag Reviews so much that I went ahead and took the plunge, and carried only the bare necessities with me.

The Charming, Luxury Miss Dior Golden Metal Python Promenade Pouch With Chain Releases

Modern, stylish yet with a feminine touch, this Golden Metal Python Promenade Pouch Online is luxurious in all its angles. The pale gold clasp and removable golden chain added a touch of panache and elegance to it thus sealing the pedestal of modern luxury when it comes to hand bags. It measures 21 x 13.5 cm.


A golden girl knows how to stay golden and on top of her game. Most of the modern women nowadays are “Golden It Girls”, they know what they want and they strive hard to get it so no wonder if this Miss Dior Golden Metal Python Pouch with Chain is an epitome of their personality.


Just imagine taking it out with you while you’re on a party or while you’re attending social galas and soirees, we’re 100% sure that you’ll definitely shine especially if you pair it with your black body con dress. What we also love about this bag is that it is very flexible, you can wear it on the shoulder, in the hand or cross body. Imagine stealing different looks with just one bag.


On the inside, it has an exterior pocket, a flat pocket, zipped pocket, 7 card slots and a large inner compartment perfect for holding your essentials.

Dior Introduces New And Luxury Blossom Tote, Backpacks to Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Lineup

Dior has a history and heritage like few others in the luxury market, and that means the house design team can sustain it for a bit while the brand’s executives make sure they make the right hire–no one’s going to forget about Dior just because the brand was relatively quiet for six months or a year.


At the moment, the expected Dior is in a holding pattern. Spring 2016 was Raf Simons’s last season as the brand’s creative director and parent company LVMH has yet to name his replacement; there was a similar gap between Simons’s appointment and the ouster of predecessor John Galliano.


The amazing Pre-Fall 2016 includes beautiful new iterations of the popular Lady Dior and Diorama Bags, as well as new Diorever Totes, which was Simons’s last big bag debut. The lineup also includes multiple versions of two new additions, the simple, pretty Blossom Tote and the more complicated Stardust Backpack, both of which come in two different sizes. Neither is a revelation, but they both attractive options that help flesh out the line and give shoppers something new to consider.

The New Shinning And Luxury Iconic Diorama Flap Fake Bag Releases

The famous Dior presents a new closure for the iconic Luxury Diorama Flap replica Bag. The new closure features a rounded metal clasp with the “CD” logo, while the original closure bears a crest shape. This is for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, and was also seen in the runway show.


The round clasp is available in the new crinkled lambskin Discount Diorama Flap Fake Bag which comes in Gold and Silver, as well as perforated leather in White and Black. The clasp has a silver tone on the outer part, while the inner circle comes in different colors like White, Silver and Red.

Buy A Lovely Replica Dior Tribale Promenade Pouch Box Bag

This is a beautiful Dior bag, a trademark that this French brand is famously known for. The Tribale box bag Sale is nothing short of perfection. The color selection is sophisticated: grey and nude calfskin while the silver-tone clasp and detachable chain won our hearts! A pretty pouch bag, don’t be fooled by the picture as it looks medium-sized but the truth is, it has a large interior compartment.


If your memory serves you best, this bag has been featured before, so it’s not really totally new. But what’s novel about is that this one comes in a boxy/squared ensemble, which is why it’s called a box bag.


The name Tribale debuts the Dior Tribale earrings, which are those two beads placed on the front thus featuring a bold display of asymmetry. This bag also has 7 card slots, zipped pocket, flat pocket and exterior pocket for easy storage. It measures 21 x 13.5 cm.

Buy An Adorable Diorever Replica Bag

The Top Luxury Dior Diorever Bag has been released in store and in all imaginable sizes. Though this bag is available in single colors, Dior has also made several options in different patterns and leathers. The leather choices are bullcalf leather, in metallic calfskin, in suede calfskin and if in exotic choices like crocodile.


Covered with cutting-edge urban attitude, the Diorever Bag might be the one to become the next iconic bag – it has a strong and bold character, it’s embellished with the same crest-shaped clasp like the one on the designer Diorama Flap Bag. And what’s even more exciting; the flap is reversible. This bag is actually the tote version of the Diorama Bag. It comes with an adjustable strap – you can carry it with your hand, on the shoulder or even cross body.


You Will Love The Mini Lady Replica Dior With Chain In Galuchat

A timeless and unique work of art, in the shape that you will love. It’s the Buy Mini Lady Dior Bag and not just another Lady Dior, but the one with Chain.


A bag filled with rich history, named as a tribute to Princess Diana, the new Lady Dior Sale is embellished with a long chain to give an ultra appeal of elegant. The exterior is covered with a gorgeous type of leather, Galuchat, to enhance a strong iridescent effect. The handles on the top are for a comfortable hand-carrying. Refined with DIOR charms on the front, can you say no to it? Measuring 17 x 15 x 7 cm inches.


Dior Decided To Heads Back To Blenheim Palace To Stage Cruise 2017 Show

A creative director, Raf Simons, he gave a new purpose to the brand’s standardly pretty clothes, and brought about a modern edge that had been lacking, which inevitably brought about an increase in revenue. When he announced he was leaving last year, much to the disappointment of many involved, we were left waiting in anticipation to see who would be the next person tossed into the position. Unfortunately, that has not yet been released. But until that is well and decided, the location for the next cruise show, which will be designed by whoever is next appointed to Simons’ now-open seat, is a tidbit of information that has us waiting eagerly.

So Dior decided it will be heading back to the Blenheim Palace, located in Oxfordshire, England to stage its Cruise 2017 show. This location is made notable by being Winston Churchill’s place of birth, and its status as the primary place of residence for the Duke of Marlborough. This will be the third time Dior presents a show in the palace. The two previous times were in 1954 and 1958, so this revisitation is long overdue. Both times saw Princess Margaret in attendance, making the event much more prestigious.


But a substantial amount has changed for the brand. Just last season, for instance, Dior could be found at the French Riviera under Simons. The clothes presented had the upbeat Simons flair, while still being both progressive and true to Dior’s signature aesthetic. It showed just how much the designers had sunken into his role in the brand. Everything shown was fun and playful, and now with the new location that is expected to switch gears drastically for this new season. And of course, that’s not to say a runway show hosted at the Blenheim palace needs to be a somber affair. There is a certain level of sophistication, however, that will come from a chic eye from whoever designs the line.

It was likely a sensible option for the company, when it comes to sales. The luxury Dior brand haute couture collection for spring 2016was created by Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier, the brand’s standard in-house designers, and also the response wasn’t too positive. So whomever is uncovered because the next creative director will need to hit the ground running and make up a stunning and appropriate collection to provide for that brand’s annual cruise line. Here’s to simply sitting back and browsing anticipation once we wait for a unveiling!

Replica Dior Homme Multi-Coloured Embroidered Leather Wallets Release

Then there’s this, which has been on my radar for a while now. Part of Dior Homme’s S/S15 collection that’s themed as both artful and contemporary, I do adore the detailing on these wallets. More specifically, the cheap Multi-Coloured Embroidered Leather wallets that are exactly as the name describes.


You would think at first glance it’s just a print on leather, but those colourful squiggles are actually embroidered onto the leather, which must make for a wonderfully tactile experience whenever you handle the wallet. Available in two sizes with all your requisite bells and whistles, you should be able to pick them up now in Singapore at Dior Homme boutiques at Marina Bay Sands and ION Orchard.


And if you love the print but prefer something full-on, you’ll be pleased to know that this embroidered leather is also used on a mens briefcase that measures some 36 cm by 34 cm.Buy it now!

Replica Dior Pink Satin Embroidered CD Box Clutch Bag Releases

The new Replica Dior CD Box Clutch Bag Sale is going to rock the fashion world. Last time we talked about the single colors in black and pink. Today we’re going to present a clutch that’s more sophisticated.If the evening is too important to fail, you will need a companion that is going to help you stand-out and steal the show. Obviously, your dress and shoes matters, but its always the bag that makes everything perfect – it’s the finishing touch.


Covered in the color we love – pink and satin, with sophisticated design, embroidered with sequins, its gorgeous, it’s beautiful, it’s to-die-for.Every girl should own at least one of these Luxury Replica Dior bags in their wardrobe. These are weapons on standby-mode, always ready for special occasions.

The signature of Dior is put on the side-metal and it comes with a shoulder chain. Measuring 17 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm.