If you’ve been following my instafeeds, you’ll probably know by now that I’ve just emptied my bag fund account on a new Givenchy bag. I ordered a medium Antigona in bright blue leather (click here to purchase) and as always I am over the moon with my new bag! The Antigona isn’t really a new bag but for some reason, it just never rubbed on to me and I cant for the love of god remember why. Anyways so as I was browsing net-a-porter, looking for a new bag to invest it, I came across this model in blue and I was sold. Instantly. I usually invest in classic models when it comes to big bags. I don’t mind seasonal clutches, but for the bigger bags, I prefer a model that will be repeated season after season. The reason being is that when I pay a reasonably decent amount for a bag, I want something I can use for the next year or two. If the model is discontinued after the season is over, it feels out of date. Take the Celine mini shopper for example, I bought mine in 2010 and it’s still one of the most sought after bags nearly four years later. I’m a happy camper.

I adore big bags, so the size of the Antigona is just perfect for me. It can actually be used as a weekend bag since it’s so roomy. The width is 13 1/2 inches and the height is about 11 inches. I tried dumping a whole lot of stuff inside it (11 inch laptop, diary, wallet plus some other random stuff) and no problem in closing the bag. Although since it’s not a laptop bag, I suggest you steer clear of putting your laptop in it! However, if you’re going away for an overnight stay, you can easily throw in a change of clothes and some light toiletries. It’s also the perfect bag if you’re travelling. I just flew to Bombay and replaced my Celine trapeze with the Antigona to hold my airport essentials and felt it was a better choice. You know there’s no open the flap then the zipper drama that comes in with my trapeze bag.

The bag is structured so it doesn’t slouch in the least bit. Also, it has a shoulder strap which saves you the hassle of holding it in the nook of your arm with the top handles because the bag is a bit on the heavier side. I’m in this winged bag phase currently so the two small wings on this one give me some sort of cheap thrill. Inside, there’s a zipped pocket and two other pockets to keep your things in place. Overall, even though its a classic, the shape is very modern, slick and a little edgy. Over the years, its become quite an IT bag and has been spotted on numerous celebrities. Just type the name in Google images and you’ll see for yourself.

Now, for the cons, I don’t like the shoulder strap length on this one. Its very weird. Once slung on the shoulder, it reaches my waist which gets a bit awkward due to the size of the bag (see picture below). I wish the shoulder strap was a bit longer. Secondly, the shoulder strap doesn’t have that extra rectangular thing on top to keep the bag in place, so it keeps slipping. Also, the top handles are so close together it can be a little uncomfortable if you’re in a hurry to open the zipper. Finally, if the bag isn’t filled up, it has a bit of a dent so I have to tap the bag from the top so it gets back to its original shape or just fill it up with random stuff! But despite a few cons, I still love my new baby and have been using it non-stop since I got it. I was contemplating between the Victoria Beckham Quincy bag (which was cheaper) and this one which was a tough decision, but there’s always another time and another bag! The Antigonas are one of the most coveted handbags so I suggest you order yours soon because they tend to sell out fast. The black one is currently sold out on net-a-porter.

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